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The Joy Of Coaching

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 | Athletics Australia



“It’s immensely rewarding,” said Dennis Ball, an assistant coach from North West Athletics Club in Tasmania.

“To be able to provide assistance to the kids and see them develop and reach their goals is just fantastic,” Dennis said.

Dennis, who completed his Level 2 Intermediate Club Coaching Course in Hobart on the weekend, takes joy in being a part of an athletics training squad led by Trent Nicholls that - like thousands of groups all over the country – helps athletes of all abilities achieve their track and field aspirations.

“What I learned at the coaching course was incredibly beneficial. The techniques the team showed us were fantastic and it’ll be great to go back to the club now and be able to give pointers to the kids to help them improve,” Dennis said.

Dennis is just one of the now 5000 Accredited Athletics Coaches that are shaping the future of the sport in Australia.

From the most experienced high performance Olympic coaches through to the volunteers in the community, the tireless work of Australia’s coaches is exciting the next generation of Australians to lead an active lifestyle.

Over the last six years, Athletics Australia has engaged on a focused agenda to respond to the feedback of the coaching community and expand the opportunities available to mentor athletes.

“We have listened to the community in the development and delivery of these courses and in 2017 will continue to increase the options for increased professional development and education pathways for coaches,” Athletics Australia’s General Manager for Workforce and Program Development, James Selby, said.

In addition to improving the education pathway for coaches, Athletics Australia has implemented education courses to support coaches delivering IAAF Kids’ Athletics which is the most demanded program in the Australian Government’s Sporting Schools.

The introduction of new Recreational Running Courses reflects the needs of Australians who are moving towards new forms of group exercise outside of the traditional club offerings. These courses have also been a valuable addition to the Athletics Australia Athletics for the Outback program which seeks to engage and support Indigenous Australians.

If, like Dennis, you’d like to experience the satisfaction that comes with coaching athletics click here.

“For anyone - even if they have a limited amount of knowledge – it’s a great opportunity to go along to one of these coaching courses and easily learn about the correct coaching methods. To see the kids improve and knowing I played a part in that is fantastic. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?”