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New funding to support growth in North Queensland

Monday, 6 March 2017 | ANQ Athletics



Athletics North Queensland (ANQ) is pleased to announce that a new staffing position has been created to accommodate for the continual growth of athletics within the region. The position, along with an additional athletics office, will be established in Cairns in March 2017.

ANQ was founded in 1996 to provide athletics in the North Queensland Region with a united voice. It is recognised as the fastest growing, most progressive athletics area in Australia, and continually develops and supports the specific needs of regional Queensland, for all ages and abilities.

This new position, called the Far North Queensland (FNQ) Athletics Coordinator, is jointly funded through the Queensland Government Special Initiatives Indigenous Sport Grants and Athletics North Queensland. As part of this, the position will be balancing two major roles.

The first role will be managing the Athletics for the Outback Queensland program, which is an innovative and comprehensive program specifically targeted to develop athletics in remote indigenous communities in the Gulf and Cape regions. The programs aim is to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children the opportunity to participate in athletics on a regular basis and increase community ownership and management of athletics in Indigenous communities in Queensland.

The second part of this role will be assisting with the implementation of Athletics North Queensland development programs in the Cairns and Tablelands regions. This will be working directly with the local athletics clubs and schools in the region to help the growing demands of athletes, officials, club administrators and teachers within the area.

This position will be taking on some responsibilities of present ANQ staff members. As a result of this, the Development Coordinator along with the Admin/Competition Coordinator will be able to give more of their time to the Southern, Western and Northern Regions of North Queensland.