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Friday, 7 November 2014 | Anonym



The Glasgow Review, led by Chris Wardlaw, is rapidly coming to a close.

The Panel, which was announced late August, has been overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of commentary it has received. This extensive feedback has featured a considerable number of constructive suggestions as how to build on the experience to date. Interviews, submissions and survey responses have come from all states and included personal coaches, athletes, Athletics Australia staff, team coaches, member associations, volunteers, the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Commonwealth Games Association and other individuals or groups with a strong interest and passion for this sport.

Due to the significant amount of information and the desire from the Panel to listen to all parties, it will complete its findings slightly later than expected. It is anticipated these will be presented to the Athletics Australia Board of Directors by mid-November.

The report will be available to other parties after consideration by the Board of Directors.