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Coach Courses

Coach Courses

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Find a Coach

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The Coaching Framework

The Coaching Framework within Australia is divided into 3 sections.  The Track and Field Framework, the Recreational Running Framework and the Performance Framework.  The Track and Field Framework focuses on the events within the traditional track and field setting. The Recreational Running Framework is focussed on road running and the recreational running community.  The Performance Framework is for coaches who aspire to work with high performance athletes.

To become an accredited athletics coach within Australia coaches must complete and pass one or more of the courses available within the current coaching framework.  Athletics Australia are the accrediting body for coaching courses within Australia.  These courses are approved by the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

Track & Field Framework

Level 1 Community Athletics Coach

This course instructs coaches how to follow the Teaching Games for Understanding model, especially its athlete-centred pedagogy, and introduces the most critical components of developing physical literacy in beginning athletes to prepare them for future Track and Field success, which must be understood before event-specific coaching can be developed.  Please click here for more information

Level 2 Club Coach

The Level 2 Club Coach course is the next progression from Level 1 and further develops the coaches understanding of how to coach fundamental skills and move toward event specific skills and drills (Training I Phase of the FIT Development Model).  Please click here for more information

Level 3 Performance Development Coach

The Level 3 Performance Development Coach course is for coaches who are working with athletes between 16 and 19 years of age (Training II Stage of the FIT Development Model) and are looking to commence specialisation in a chosen event group and compete at regional, state or national-level competitions.  Please click here for more information.

Recreational Running Framework

Level 1 Run Leader

The Level 1 Run Leader Course introduces coaches how to lead a recreational run group under the guidance of a Level 2 Recreational Running Coach or higher.  Please click here for more information

Level 2 Recreational Running 

The Level 2 Recreational Running Coach course trains coaches to develop the fundamental technical and strategic skills for runners training for 5km through to ultra-marathon events.  Please click here for more information

Level 3 Performance Recreational Running

Information coming soon

Performance Framework

For those coaches wishing to advance their coaching qualifications the following course is available through the Performance Framework 

Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach

The Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach course is the further development of High Performance coaching. The course focuses on instructing effective planning and practical coaching methods to enable coaches to support elite athletes.  

Acceptance into the Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach course is subject to the submission of a coaching resume to Athletics Australia, to be passed on to World Athletics, at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the course.  Please click here for more information

Upskilling Course

Kids Athletics Upskilling Course

This is an upskilling course and is open to anyone who holds a Level 1 Community Athletics Coach accreditation.  The Kids Athletics program allows coaches to be a part of the Sporting Schools Program.  The focus of the program is on skill development, building a generation of active, healthy, sport loving children whilst most importantly having fun.  It introduces children to team-based activities, in an age appropriate format focused on fun and keeping kids moving.  Please click here for more information

From the above frameworks Athletics North Queensland offers the following courses:

  • Level 1 Community Athletics Coach 
  • Level 2 Club Coach
  • Level 3 Performance Development Coach
  • Level 1 Run Leader
  • Level 2 Recreational Running
  • Kids Athletics Upskilling Course

If your club or school would like to host one of these courses, please contact Athletics North Queensland on 4721 4998.

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