Hannah Edwards is a rising throws athlete from Mulgrave Athletics Club. The multi talented athlete is versatile across multiple throws events including Hammer, Shot Put & Discus and has competed at National Level.

Just recently Hannah smashed the Mulgrave Athletics Weight Throw record.

We interviewed Hannah to learn a little more about training, goals and how she has adapted to Covid-19 changing the athletics season.

Congratulations to Hannah Edwards who added 8.15m to the 15 years weight throw club record today with a throw of 19.90m! Well done on taking your sisters record🤣

Posted by Mulgrave Athletics Gordonvale on Saturday, July 18, 2020
Quick Stats

Event: Hammer, Shot Put & Discus
Club: Mulgrave Athletics

At what age did you first start competing in athletics?

7 Years Old

What drew you towards the throwing events and which event is your favourite?

When I started athletics the throws events were always my favourites. As I got older, I found that I enjoyed them and was getting better results. At around 11 I decided to pursue throwing and really started to get into training for the throwing events. To be completely honest I do not have a favourite but it just depends on how I am throwing in each event at a certain time. But overall if I had to pick one, I think I would pick Hammer or Discus.

What is a typical training session like for you?

The majority of my sessions go for about 2 ½ hours and we try to do 2 events per session. We start with warming up for about 20 mins. This includes stretching, sometimes sprints and other throwing based exercises to get ready for the session. We then drill for a specific event for up to 40 mins. We often throw and mark to see how I am progressing. We then drill and throw for the second event that we are training for in that day. We finish with stretching and recovery.

You have competed in a number of high level competitions on a number of occasions. What competition has been the highlight to date and why was this competition so special?

My most memorable competition to date would be States 2019. This is because my overall result was my best at any higher level competition I have attended. It was so special because I placed in the top 2 in Queensland for all 3 of my events. This included 1st in Shotput and 2nd in both Hammer and Discus for the 14 year old girls. I felt that I really achieved my goals and had improved on my placings and results from the previous year.

You had been selected in the Queensland Team for the Australian Track and Field Championships earlier this year which was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid 19. How did you deal with this disappointment?

At first I was really upset and disappointed because I felt I had a really good lead into the competition and felt confident and prepared to do well. Because of Covid 19 I was unable to train with others in my training squad so I took some time off which was good as I only had taken 2 weeks off over the Christmas break and got back into hard training for the lead into Nationals. It was good to have a break for a while. It has however set me back in my results in training which has been quite frustrating for me.

With so many competitions in North Queensland cancelled for the season what have you done to stay motivated and move forward with your training and what advice can you give to others who may be struggling.

To be honest I am struggling in my training as we have really tried to work on my technique and I am not getting the numbers I want at this point in the season. In saying that I try to set myself distance goals as well as continuing to work on improving my technique. If I had to give advice to others, I would suggest having mini goals in either distance or techniques and once you hit them set new ones.

What is your favourite training session?

My Friday Hammer sessions are my favourite because I throw hammer with some of my favourite people and it is a session where I just throw and do not do any drills. I like that because it is change from my usual sessions that I do throughout the week.

As a young athlete, do you have any role models within the sport who inspire you?

Yes. Alex Hulley for Hammer, Matt Denny and Dani Stevens for Discus and Dame Valerie Adams for Shotput. I am also inspired by Sandra Perkovic as she is the best female discus thrower at the moment. They all inspire me to train hard and try my best all of the time in hopes of one day becoming as great as them and inspire others as they inspire me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years’ time with your athletics?

Hopefully within the next few years I aim to place at a National Level and qualify for competitions like the Oceania Championships and World Juniors. If I do continue my throwing and make a career out of it, I hope to go to the Commonwealth Games, Olympics and World Championships. Even if I do not continue competitive throwing I still hope to stay within the sport and maybe even coach.

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