Athletics North Queensland is built on a foundation of strong and thriving clubs. Without these clubs and the mass amount of services they provide to the community, our sport would not be where it is today.

The COVID19 restrictions came at the time where track and field clubs were commencing their March – September season. For these clubs, many will not be able to recommence operations until July. It has not been feasible for many clubs to recommence, resulting in the season cancellation. For those clubs that have recommenced/ will shortly, they are now facing a range of financial and venue operation challenges. 

Athletics North Queensland also understand that there are many in our community who will have either lost their jobs or have had to change jobs and that this will have an enormous effect on our finances and lifestyles. Club membership may no longer be important at this point in our lives.

It is because of this that Athletics North Queensland Board has made a significant decision on membership – one that has not been made before. It has been decided that $25 will apply for all 2020 track and field membership. This is a reduction of up to $60 per member that is backdated to the start of the 2020 season.

Though this decision means that the  Association will lose a large percentage of its annual income, it is more important at the present time, to reduce the burdens that affiliated Clubs and members are facing as the result of the COVID19 pandemic.   The aim of Athletics North Queensland is to get through this pandemic together so we can return even stronger in the future.

This decision allows clubs financially impacted, to keep their fees the same for 2020, or allows clubs to offer reduced membership and modified services for their community. ANQ realises the impact and extra costs ANQ affiliated clubs are enduring for the Return to Play, and to assist clubs, a reduction on memberships fees will help cover some of these extra costs.

Refunds are also available to members whose clubs are no longer operating or are going through hardships due to this pandemic.  Members should contact their Club to discuss the details of these refunds. 

Athletics is about family, it offers much more than just speciality coaching and fitness, it is a place where you go for friendship, pride of belonging and sense of worth – the opportunities are immense and the Board of Athletics North Queensland wants them to continue.

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the ANQ Office.

Yvonne Mullins 
President – Athletics North Queensland

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