Chris Murphy competed on the world stage in the Big Dog’s World Championship 2020 from 17-20 October. The format of this competition is to see who can run the greatest number of yards (laps).

Twenty-one countries took part in the championship with each country hosting their own event. The Australian Leg was held on the Oxley Common in Brisbane over a 6.7km course. 

The Championship consisted of a 15-person team from each country. For every yard (lap) completed the team member collected one point for their team. 

Each competitor also competed as an individual with the last person standing declared the World Champion.

Chris was selected in the Australian Team of 15 members and went on to win the Australian Leg in a new Australian record of 46 completed yards (laps). The previous Australian record stood at 41 yards. 

Chris completed the 308.2 km in a time of 34:42:30. This was the quickest time in the world for this distance. He averaged 45:16 for each completed yard. He eventually finished 17th in the World out of a field 315 runners.

Chris was supported by his assist runner Barry Lovedale. These guys ran the last 16 yards or hours together and it is believed to be a record for the last two runners. Chris said, “I could not have completed the journey without the great support from Barry. I thought he was gone on several occasions, but he just kept coming back!”

His “pit crew” consisted of his wife Nicole and Julie Stone from the running club. Chris said, “I can’t say a big enough thanks to my crew. They both went above and beyond to keep me fuelled, dressed, dry, massaged, sunscreened, lubed and anything else you can think of. Could not have done it without them and they both know I owe them big time!”

Chris proudly wore his Australian colours for most of the race but finished it off in his Whitsunday Running Club shirt.

Belgium won the team prize with Australia finishing 15th. Karel Sabbe from Belgium took out the world title after running for 75 hours.

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