How did you get involved with Athletics?

I first started when I was 7 at Mackay Athletics Club. I joined because my older sister was getting into athletics. 

What is your Athletics Club / Training Squad

I compete for Townsville North Star Athletics Club and train with PDB Track Squad coached by Paul Di Bella

What is you preferred event / distance?

400m and 800m

What was your athletics Highlight of 2018?

Competing at the 2018 Athletics Championships and Commonwealth Games Trials against the best in the country. I lined up against Australian 800m Olympian Peter Bol which was a special moment. Another highlight was running my first race in Victoria at Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne where I met 1500m Olympic Champion, Matt Centrowitz.

How do you balance training / working or studying?

Have a plan and make sure my priorities are right. Getting sufficient sleep is important to help me get the most out of my day. 

Best piece of advice you can give to young athletes looking to train for your event?

Compete in the school cross country season at the start of the year as this will give you a solid base level fitness for the track season later in the year. Try and get into races that are faster than you as this will push you to rise to their level. Tactically, pace yourself and sit and kick in the 800m. Finally, have fun, work hard and believe in yourself.

Anything else you believe could be of value?

Set a long term goal such as running a personal best or competing at the state championships at the end of the year. To achieve this, have daily short term goals that make you better each day such as stretching, good nutrition, hydrating and quality sleep. 

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