Feature Q&A: Kelly Ross

  • Sprints (60m, 100m, 200m & 80m Hurdles)
  • Jumps (High Jump, Triple Jump & Long Jump)
Personal Best:
  • 60m = 9.11s
  • 100m = 14.8s
  • 200m = 30.1s
  • 80mh = 14.87s
  • High Jump = 1.41m
  • Long Jump = 4.16m
  • Triple Jump = 9.23m

Self Coaches – Assisted by Nigel Thicker / Grahan Muir on club days


Bowen Athletic Club

How many years have you been competing for?

I started competing in March 2016 and have been competing for 5 years.

What was it about athletics that you were drawn to?

I had done a few years of Little Athletics in late primary school and had really enjoyed it.  I registered my eldest daughter in 2013 with the Bowen Athletics club and she had been competing for a couple of years and I had just had my third child who was 6 months old and thought it would be a good way to get some exercise into an otherwise tight schedule.  

Do you have any favourite event/s and if so why?

80m Hurdles is one of my favourite events.  I have managed to get better times every year and finally ran under 15 seconds last season.  Also High Jump as I have now learnt the flop and have managed to go from scissoring a height of 1.30m to flopping 1.41m.

What is it like competing as a master’s athlete?  Is there a lot of camaraderie between the athletes?

It can be quite daunting competing as a master’s athlete.  I have learnt to be more comfortable with it now, but in the beginning it was very hard to get up in front of other non-competing adults and feel confident.  I think what made me feel a little more relaxed with competing especially at carnivals was having other like minded masters athletes who were there doing exactly the same as me.  Suddenly I wasn’t the odd one out and there is a great sense of encouragement that comes from all the masters athletes when you are competing at a carnival.

How many days a week do you train and what is the hardest session that you do?

I try to train 2 days during the week as well as compete every Saturday at club.  The hardest session I do is usually sprint training, practising starts and sprint drills.

What are your athletics goals over the next few years?

I hope to remain fit and healthy and continue doing athletics for as long as I enjoy it and show my kids that it is possible to achieve goals with hard work.  As a master I am about to go up to the next 5 year age bracket so I would love to be able to achieve some new club and carnival records over the next few years.

What has been the biggest competition that you have competed in and was there a highlight from that competition?

I have competed in several ANQ Championships carnivals in Townsville over the last few years.  I would say the 2019 ANQ Championships was my biggest competition and the highlight from that carnival was having my kids and husband watch me triple jump over 9m for the first time and break the ANQ Triple Jump carnival record for my age group.  Also achieving 5 personal bests for the carnival.

What would you tell someone who may be considering competing in master’s athletics but wasn’t sure if it was for them?

It definitely gives you a sense of achievement every time you compete.   It’s always hard to put yourself out there in front of others, as sometimes it feels like you are being judged, but I have only had positives from my experience as a master athlete, from both other athletes and from general members of the public.  Often other parents at carnivals approach me and say “I would love to do what you do”.

It has given me such an appreciation for my kids and seeing them compete makes me understand what they are feeling at the start line when they line up to run.  Even if you have never done athletics before it is something anyone can do and it is all about having a go, trying to better your results every week, having some fun doing it and making some lifelong friends on the journey.

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