Australian Track and Field Championships Day 3-4

Lachlan Buckman (TNS) in the men’s U16 Javelin Final, the first round Lachlan threw a huge 53.90m to put him in first place. The first-round throw went on to keep him in first place to win the gold medal.

Amber Sweeney (TNS) in the women’s U16 200m, ran 26.30 to take 8th place. She then competed in the 4x200m final where the QLD team took 3rd place.

Ava Barron (MAC) after her silver medal performance in the 400m the day before. She came into the U14 long jump with some confidence, jumping 5.04 in the first round to then go on to win another silver medal

Katelyn McGee (PRM) in the U14 800m, running a 2:20.67 to move into the finals. In the finals she ran a strong race to take 3rd in a time of 2:17.23

Day 3-4 Results:

Abeli Mukumba (TNS) in the men’s U20 Long Jump, jumped 7.20m to take 5th place

Angus Richardson (PRM) in the men’s U16 800m, ran 2:20.26 to take 11th

Cohen Dittmann (NMA) in the U15 200m, ran a 25.54 to take 7th

Emmanuel Tagaloa (NMA) in the U16 200m preliminaries, running strong taking 1st place with a time of 22.41. In the final he ran a close race to take 4th in a time of 22.71. the next day, in the 4x200m the QLD ran a strong race to take 2nd in a time of 1:30.77.  

Ishmael Singleton (CNS) in the U20 Long Jump, Jumping 6.85m to take 11th.

Kaelan Callaghan (CNS) in the U14 200m, running 26.59 to take 7th

Kerrin Brennan (DAC) in the U20 Discus, throwing 33.70m to take 16th. In the U20 Javelin she threw 28.19m to take 11th.

Lillian Hughes (TNS) in the U15 200m preliminaries, running a 26.05 to take 3rd and to move onto the final. In the final she ran a 26.13 to take 8th place

Luke McLellan (TBL) in the men’s U20 200m, running a 22.26 to take 4th

Nash Dittmann (NMA) in the men’s U14 200m, running a 30.35 to take 8th

Sofia Cullen (PRM) in the women’s U16 800m, running a 2:20.61 to take 7th

Toby Rule (MAC) in the men’s U15 800m, running a 2:26.29 to take 10th

Todd Thorn (TNS) in the men’s U20 Long Jump, jumping 6.92 to take 9th

Willow Dean (TNS) in the women’s U14 Long Jump, jumping 4.50 to take 18th. In the 200m preliminaries she ran a 26.53 to place 3rd and move into the final. Then running 26.89 to take 8th place.

Zoe Chester (TNS) in the U16 Triple Jump, Jumping 11.65 to take 5th

Isabella Chester (TNS) in the U15 200m Hurdles, running a 31.10 to take 5th

Hannah Edwards (MUL) in the women’s Open Hammer preliminaries, throwing 49.60 to place 7th and moved onto the finals.

Akeesha Snowden (CNS) in the women’s ambulant Discus, throwing 15.09m to take 12th

Emily Keehn (CQA) in the Open women’s heptathlon, in the 100m hurdles she ran a 17.43. in the high jump she jumped 1.55m, in the shot-put throwing 11.25m and in the 200m she ran a 28.56. At the end of Day one she finished with 2426 and is placed 8th

Jade Bidgood (PPA) in the men’s Open 800m, running a 1:58.79 to take 9th.

Josiah McCarthy (TNS) in the men’s Open 400m, running a 53.48 to take 9th.

Liam Gilbert (CNS) in the U20 men’s Decathlon, the 100m he ran a 11.18. In the Long jump he jumped 7.09m, in the Shot Put he threw 14.89m, in the High jump he jumped 1.94m and in the 400m he ran 51.82. At the end of Day one he is placed first with 3921 Points  

Sophie Raciti (MUL) in the Open women’s Hammer throw, throwing 43.58m to place 15th.

Lindsey Hendy (TNS) in the men’s ambulant Long Jump, jumping 5.72 to take 6th

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