27 Pace kids from Townsville and Cairns traveled to Toogoolawah for the 2021 QLD State XC Champs

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the event the Pace kids ran very strong gaining 3 individual medals plus 4 team medals. It also looks like we will have quite a few named onto the State Team

🥇1st U18 Ollie B
🥉3rd U20 Tayla
🥉3rd U12 Louise
🥉3rd U13 Grace Campbell

🥇U15 Boys: Pace 1st
Kaiyan, Jonah and Ollie VR

🥈U16 Boys: Pace 2nd
Angus, Lucas and Alistair.

🥈U17 Girls: Pace 2nd
Mia, Gracie and Leah.

🥈U20 Men: Pace 2nd
Joel, Rohan and Steven

North Queensland Athlete Results

Toby Rule, Mackay Athletics U15 Boys 17th
Oliver Rule, Mackay Athletics, IU17 Boys, 23rd
Justin Rule, Mackay Athletics, Masters 40-49, 5th
Grace Campbell, Cairns Athletics, U13 Girls, 3rd
Vertey Pickford, Pace, U13 Girls, 9th
Carmen Matthews, Pace, U13 Girls, 15th
Bridie Maher, Pace, U15 Girls, 26th
Ginger Cox, Pace, U16 Girls, 11th
Sofia Cullen, Pace, U16 Girls, 13th
Mia Russo, Pace, U17 Girls, 8th
Grace Van Rees, U17 Girls, 13th
Leah Goode, Pace, U17 Girls, 16th
Taylor Gunton, Pace, U20 Women, 3rd
Mason van Rees, Pace, U10 Boys, 7th
Archie Reid, Pace, U13 Boys, 5th
Kaiyan Blue, Pace, U15 Boys, 4th
Jonah Matthews, Pace, U15 Boys, 14th
Ollie Van Rees, Pace, U15 Boys, 18th
Angus Richardson, Pace, U16 Boys, 11th
Lucas Lane, Pace, U16 Boys, 13th
Alistair Hickey, Pace, U16 Boys, 23rd
Morley Wagner, Pace, U17 Boys, 7th
Nick Berther, Pace, U17 Boys, 22nd
Ollie Boltz, Pace, U18 Boys, 1st
Murray Colbridge, Pace, U18 Boys, 4th
Joel Stevens, Pace, U20 Men, 4th
Rohan Hickey, Pace, U20, 11th
Steven Li, Pace, U20, 21st

*If a results is missing, please email media@athleticsnorthqld.org.au
Full QA Results

Gracie Van Ress: U17G 13th and 2nd Team

The recent All Schools Cross Country Championships in Towoolagah was an excellent experience. The opportunity to race has been very hard to find recently with COVID-19 threatening to shut down most of the events. Many families came to the event and with reminders from the organisers the Covid safety rules were followed throughout the day. During the day most people found out about the approaching 4pm lockdown, with many wondering if they would even get a chance to race. Queensland Athletics reacted quickly and by moving the time schedule ahead, all of the races were completed and everyone had left the park before 3.30. There are so many athletes that are grateful for all the work that the organisers put into making sure the day ran without any problems. When we arrived back in Cairns we had to go straight into lockdown, although it is never fun to have to quarantine, we understand that it is to ensure the safety of our community.

Louise Lane – U12G 3rd

Lockdown has been really hard as I’ve missed all my district trials and heaps of stuff at school but I wouldn’t change a thing! Racing in Toogoolawah was one of my favourite sporting experiences and it was definitely worth it! I ended up coming 3rd which is great for my confidence and I had such a great time. I made new friends with girls I raced and we stayed a really nice air bnb that had horses and a fire. Most important I bought new impi running clothes that were really nice. The best part of lockdown me and my Pace friends are FaceTiming twice a day. We chat and play games as a group which has helped us all through this week. We’re all in the same boat and missing training together so this has been fun.

Ollie Boltz U18B 1st

Despite looking forward to a break (and didn’t lock down work out well for that) I felt I ran a decent race. I have never won a medal at the Club State XC Champs so to take out the win is pretty special to me.The course was tough and although the talk about Covid was a little off putting, I reminded myself that it was out of my control and all I had to do was focus on the race.It was great seeing all the Pace kids on the course, they all ran really well especially considering most had raced School State XC Championships 2 weeks prior. 

Angus Richardson U16 10th 2nd team

On the drive to Toogoolawah little did we know of what was unfolding in SE QLD. My thoughts were on what the course would be like, and on my competition, as it was only my second Club champs. A new course and new place.  It was a bit chilly when we arrived and I settled in to support our fellow Pace runners, as well as sus out the course.  It wasn’t long until we heard the announcements that a lockdown was looming.  The organisers quickly adapted the schedule so we could all run. Races were bought forward to get everyone home before the lockdown. Some runners found this disheartening, I was more upset I wouldn’t get to go surfing. 

It was finally my race, and lining up I felt the heat and dry wind that had picked up. A tough course and a long never-ending hill I had underestimated.  I was in an OK position after the first lap but knew I had to dig deep to get up the hill again and gain a few more places. Although covid struck again, I am very grateful we were able to run and thank the organisers and my club for the experience and opportunity. 

Jill Boltz (Coach)

I am really proud of how the kids performed not only on the course but off it and from their stories it’s obvious that their running is so much more than running. The friendships and memories they are creating is what will keep them coming to training. I feel QLD Athletics did a marvelous job handling the Covid hurdle they were up against.

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