Q & A – William Searles

Age: 18
Event/s: 200m, 400m
Personal Best/s: 200m: 22.22 secs, 400m: 49.18 secs
Coach/s: Paul Keating 
Club: Keppel Coast Athletics 

How old were you when you first joined an athletics club?

I joined North Rockhampton Little Athletics when I was 6 years old

Who is the person who has guided you the most during your athletics?

My coach Paul Keating 

What was it like to represent Queensland in the 400m at the Australian All Schools last year in Perth?

It was a great experience to be able to race some of the fastest runners in the country. I had never thought that I would ever represent my state at a national championship so it was great to know that my hard work had paid off. In addition, it allowed me to understand what those big competitions felt like by staying with the team. 

The 400 metres is a gruelling event.  What is the toughest session that you do in training?

All the pre-season work is pretty gruelling.  I also do 3 sets of 5x200m at better than 30 second pace which is pretty tough come the last set.

What is the most memorable moment that you have had to date in your track and field journey?

It would have to be either placing 2nd in Queensland for the 400m at States as it was the first time I ever had medalled at states.  Or making the national final in Perth which placed me in the top eight in Australia.

What do you think are important qualities or traits to have as an athlete?  

To be an athlete you must be determined and perseverant. I feel that you must know what your goals are for each season and strive to reach them through hard training. You must persevere to get through the tough training that will enable you to reach your goals when it comes time for competition.

The 2020 season has been a tough season.  How have you managed your training year around Covid-19?  

I have been unable to train with my Coach in a squad setting in Yeppoon.  I have done the majority of my training by myself in Rocky which has been tough.  

What are your training and competition goals for 2021?

I am hoping to move to Brisbane for University and link with a coach down there and try to improve on my times.

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